Bakkhos Puns is a Spoken Jazz Ensemble. Uniting several musicians, actors, performance artists and poets to create new, exciting pieces of art. Explosive, multi-layered chamber music interconnects with sensitive, present-day texts.

Bakkhos Puns was founded by the Swedish composer Johan Olsson and the German actor Caspar Weimann. The music is made by the principle of "form follows function". In the beginning of the making of a piece there is an idea and that idea commands on how to proceed. We try to liquify borders, in every way possible.
Bakkhos Puns consists of the British author Luke Kennard (Eric Gregory Award 2005), with the jazz quartet "Pull" (1st Prize Princess Christina Jazz Concours), with the pianist Xavi Torres (1st Preis Dutch Jazz Competition 2016), and a couple of guest features. We have artists from Sweden, Netherlands Denmark, Scottland, Israel, Hungary, England, Germany and Catalonia in our ensemble.For the last four years we worked on our first album called "When the Shine Suns", which is being released at the 17th of May 2019. This project got the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Foundation 2017 and Hmt-Interdiziplinär 2016.

"Madness stands next to wisdom"

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